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Revised: December 27, 2013






These Area guidelines have been adopted by the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) pursuant to the authority granted in AYSO National Bylaws to provide guidance to the Area in its organization and operation.


Under AYSO National Bylaws and National Policy Statements, the Area has the responsibility to operate in accordance with these Guidelines.


These Guidelines are subject to AYSO’s Articles of Incorporation, National Bylaws, National Policy Statements, and National Rules and Regulations (collectively referred to as the “operating regulations”).  These Area Guidelines are meant to enhance and to conform to the operating regulations.  To the extent that there may be any contradiction or conflict among these documents, the operating regulations shall prevail.


These Guidelines, or such other guidelines as the Area may adopt, must be made available upon request to the members of the Area.






The AYSO Mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a fun, fair, safe, family environment based on the AYSO philosophies:


1.      Everyone Plays

2.      Balanced Teams

3.      Positive Coaching

4.      Open Registration

5.      Good Sportsmanship

6.      Player Development


The core values guiding AYSO are:


1.      Fun

2.      Ethics

3.      Education

4.      Accessibility



Our Area accomplishes the mission by providing these essential services:


  1. Coaching and refereeing programs including quality delivery systems
  1. Quality administrative and operating systems with a support network
  1. Strong financial position
  1. Special network for volunteers, supported by an Area, Section, and National staff
  1. Program research and development




Duties and Responsibilities of the Area


The duties and responsibilities of the Area shall be, to the extent permitted by its size and available resources:


A. To operate and offer a quality youth soccer program to all youth from 4-1/2 through 18 years of age  (as defined in the operating regulations) in a safe, fun, fair, positive environment that complies in letter and spirit with the Bylaws, policies, rules, regulations, and philosophies of AYSO.


  1. To maintain good community relations and become involved in youth development and other community activities.


  1. To register with the National Support and Training Center all administrators before the commencement of the season.


  1. To obtain and maintain safe playing facilities and equipment.


  1. To schedule inter-region post season Area 10D League and All Star playoff games for those Regions that desire to participate.


  1. To recruit and assign volunteer coach and referee staffs and to assist the Regions in appropriate training and certification through clinics and audio/visual programs.


  1. To disseminate information to the participants and the community concerning the Area and its programs.


H.     To recognize volunteer efforts.


  1. To hold periodic meetings of the Area Board and disseminate to the participants and the communities appropriate information concerning the operation of the Area.


  1. To publish for the Area and the files of AYSO, and make available to the participants at least annually, financial statements of the Area and guidelines for the operation of the Area.


  1. To collect and disburse fees and other monies for the sound financial organization and operation of the Area, to keep and submit to the National Support and Training Center as required, accurate financial records to insure continuation of the tax exempt status of AYSO, to participate in the National Accounting Program, and to pay the National Support and Training Center all amounts due with respect to its purchases.


  1. To elect an Area Director who in turn will appoint at a minimum a Coach Administrator, Referee Administrator, Management Administrator, and a Treasurer.


  1. To comply with the Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI) Plan and to submit insurance claims according to current procedures.


  1. To immediately notify the National Support and Training Center of any threatened or actual claim or lawsuit against the Area.


  1. To cooperate with neighboring Areas and develop personnel to promote growth, development, and cooperation throughout AYSO.


  1. To participate in Area, Section, and National events and programs.


  1. To cooperate in policies and procedures developed by the Board or the National Support and Training Center with respect to requiring designated volunteers to complete a volunteer form, and with respect to verifying the information obtained, before permitting such volunteer to participate.




Membership in the Area


There shall be three kinds of members in the Area:


Participating Members:  Participating members are those persons serving in their Region in a coaching, refereeing, or administrative capacity, including the members of the Regional Boards and Area staff.  All coaches, referees, and other volunteer positions designated by the AYSO National Support and Training Center shall be registered using the appropriate forms prescribed by AYSO.


Playing Members:  Playing members include all registered soccer players.


Contributing Members:  Contributing members are those other persons whom the Area Board grants a membership for recognition of a contribution of value to the Area as an expression of its gratitude.


The names, addresses, and telephone numbers of all members of the Area, as well as the information contained in the AYSO Executive Member Directory (EMD), are private and confidential.  Such information and mailing lists may not be disclosed or distributed to anyone, including any vendor or sponsor, without the prior written approval of the National Executive Director.




Management of the Area


1. The Area Board shall conduct the business and affairs of the Area.


2. The Area Board will be comprised of the Area Director and Region Commissioners or their designee for:



Region            General Location




0091               Lancaster


0393               Palmdale


0538               Tri-Community (Phelan, Piñon Hills, & Wrightwood)


0631               Edward AFB


0638               Quartz Hill


0665               Victorville


0789               California City


0827               Rosamond


0867               Lake Los Angeles


0878               Hesperia


1421               Helendale/Silver Lakes



3. Unless otherwise specifically provided by these Guidelines, all decisions of the Area Board shall be made by a simple majority decision of the Board Members voting on any such matter provided; however, that the Area Director may veto any such decision, if the effect of such decision would be to violate any of the National operating regulations.  The Section 10 Director, on request, may review such veto by a one third vote of the Board Members voting on such matter.


4. The Area Director shall appoint support staff who shall serve concurrent terms with the Area Director who appointed them.


5. The Area Director shall fix at its initial meeting each year; usually in the month of July, the time, date, and place of each regular meeting of the Area Board and send notice of such meetings to all participants in the program.  In addition, the Area Director or one third of the Board Members may call a special meeting of the Area Board on three days’ prior notice stating the purposes of such meeting, which notice may be given in writing by telephone or in person.  A majority of the Board Members shall constitute a quorum for holding either a regular or a special meeting.  It shall be the policy of the Area to hold one Board meeting in each month during the soccer season and at least one every two months.  All Area Board meetings shall be open to all participating members, unless the Area Director determines that it is necessary to hold a special session.  The Area Board shall provide for the taking of minutes of the proceedings at each meeting and make them available to the members of the Area.


6. The Area Board shall, by a simple majority vote, nominate ninety days before the National Annual General Meeting (NAGM), an Area Director and forward such nomination to the Section Director.  In the absence of an Area Board or in the absence of a nomination by a majority of the Area Board, Section Director will nominate the Area Director.  The AYSO National Board of Directors shall appoint the nominee for Area Director for a term of three years, unless a shorter term is specified in these Guidelines.  New Area Director terms of office shall commence after the conclusion of all Area playoffs or March 15, whichever is sooner.


7. In the event of a vacancy in the position of Area Director, other than at the expiration of the regular term, the Area Board including (if available) the outgoing Area Director shall recommend an interim Area Director, and submit such recommendation to the Section Director.  The interim successor shall remain in office until the completion of the election procedures in paragraph 6.


8. The Area Director may serve multiple terms so long as they are nominated and appointed as indicated above.


9. It is the general policy of the Area that the Area Director will have normally served at least one year as a Region Commissioner before serving as Area Director.


10. No Board Member or any other participant in the Area shall receive monetary or other compensation for their services to the Area, nor may they use their position to benefit them directly or indirectly in any other way, such as a supplier of equipment or camp programs to the Area.  Nothing in this paragraph prohibits an Area Board staff member or volunteer from being reimbursed for their out-of-pocket expenses incurred for work on behalf of the Area with the approval of the Area Director or designee.


11. Any Area Staff Member may be removed in accordance with Article Nine of these Guidelines.  The Area Director may be suspended or removed only by the National Board of Directors, in accordance with National Bylaws.




Area Staff


The Area staff shall, at a minimum, consist of the Area Director, the Treasurer, the Coach Administrator, the Referee Administrator, and the Management Administrator.  The Area Director may create, designate, or appoint other non-voting staff positions including:  Assistant Area Director, Secretary, Area Coach Trainer, Director of Referee Instruction, Director of Referee Assessment, and any other positions as the Area Director may from time to time deem desirable.  Job descriptions for required Area staff are located on the AYSO National Website.




Information About the Program


1. Area Fees


Annual fees may be assessed to each Region based upon the number of players in the Region.  The total fees assessed will be based upon the annual budget as prepared by the Area Treasurer, and approved by a simple majority of the Area Board.


2. Length of Season


The official playing season of Area 10D shall be from August 1 through the end of Area playoffs.  Player cut-off dates will be set each year by the Area Board, and all Area playoffs shall be conducted in accordance with all National rules, regulations and operating guidelines.


3. Teams/Players/Coaches


a. a. No registration, placement, or transfer of player names shall be accepted after the date shown on the Area calendar.  There are no cut-off registration dates for the VIP, U6, and U8 divisions.


b. A complete listing of regional teams, by division, and indicating the player names, birth dates, and coaches shall be submitted to the Area Director upon request.

c.  c. Regional league champions shall be determined by a system devised by the Regional Commissioner, before the start of the season and approved by the Area Director.

d. In order for a team to be eligible for league Area Tournament competition, the team must play a minimal of half of the regional or inter-regional AYSO games scheduled.

e. In order for a coach to be eligible for league Area Tournament competition, he/she must have Safe Haven certification within the last two years, and be trained at the age level of the team in accordance with the National Coach Advisory Commission recommendations.

f. In order for a player to be eligible for league Area Tournament competition, he/she must have played in a minimum of half of the regional or inter-regional AYSO games as defined in the National Rules and Regulations.

g.  In case of postponed games, the full power to reschedule Region games shall reside with the Regional Commissioner, and Area games with the Area Director, or with the respective designees.

h. VIP, U6, and U8 teams are not eligible for playoffs.

i. No roster additions or substitutions may be made for any reason to any league team after the deadlines established under these Guidelines, except under the following conditions:

        1) The team has fewer players on the roster due to having played the season with less than twelve players in the U19, U16, or U14 divisions, or the specified number of players under the U10 and U12 short-sided play National programs.

        2) The additional player(s) is (are) selected by a “blind random draw” conducted by the Region Commissioner from all remaining players on rosters that are eligible for playoffs within that Region’s division.

        3) The roster is not expanded to greater than thirteen players in the U19, U16, and U14 divisions, or the specified number of players under the U10 and U12 short-sided play National programs.

         4) The players who played on the team during the regular league season remain greater than half of the population of the team after expansion.

  i. Under no condition may replacements, additions, or substitutions be made for any reason to any league team after the team’s first scheduled game in the Area competition, or such earlier deadline as the Area Director may establish.

4. Secondary Play (All-Star & Tournaments)


a. The Secondary Play program is intended to provide an opportunity for those players who have demonstrated outstanding soccer ability and who have displayed an attitude of fair play, enthusiasm, and cooperative team spirit to participate on a team composed of players who have similar qualifications.


b. The Area Board will determine all-star team nomination and formation dates for divisions U10 through U14, and co-ed play annually.


c. All-star teams shall be formed no sooner than November 15 for all U14, U12, and U10 divisions, unless a written exception is submitted to the Area Director, and is approved by the Area staff prior to requesting region’s start of season.  This means that players may not be confirmed as being on an all-star team; no final roster may be published; no team meeting may be had; no practice may be conducted; and no tryouts may be held until November 15.


d. Between November 1 and 15, coaches may, however, receive nominations, or recommendations, inquire as to whether or not a player will be available to play, if chosen for the team, and evaluate players.  A final team roster shall be given to the Area Director on or before a date established by the Area Director.  This date shall be before the team’s first scheduled game in Area competition, or such earlier date as the Area Director may establish.


e. No additional or substitution of players is permitted for any reason regardless of whether or not the maximum allowable players was used in forming the team.


In order for coaches to participate in Secondary Play competiion they must have Safe Haven certification, CDC Concussion Awareness Training and must be trained at the age level of the team.


g. Secondary Play players must compete in the division in which they participated in during the regular season.  However, Regions that desire to play U10 through U19 matches intra-regionally, and are unable to field a minimum of four teams per division, may combine players from within U10 through U19 for that intra-region play.  The decision to utilize this format shall be announced before the season start, and the Region must obtain the approval of the Area Director.  A Region playing with this format may create all-star teams for U10 through U14 with players of the appropriate age to participate in Area play.


h. The Area may not exclude a Region from participation in post-season all-star team play because of the format used by the Region in regular season play.


i.  To be eligible for Secondary Play competition, a player must have been registered and played in at least half of the total number of league games played by the team to which he/she was assigned during the just concluded regular season as defined in the National Rules and Regulations.  League games shall be the games played by that team before playoffs within the Region.


j. Special circumstance eligibility may include a change of residence, an illness, a soccer-related injury, parental custodial rights, and conflict with high school rules (CIF).  The Region Commissioner must obtain approval for special circumstance eligibility.


k. In order to maintain uniformity of application of these Guidelines, all teams, including tournament and select teams, shall be governed by the rules applicable to all-star teams, including the rule relating to the date for formation.  The National Rules and Regulations shall govern all tournaments held in Area 10D.


5. Area Tournament Guidelines

The Area Board will publish Area Tournament Guidelines annually upon acceptance.  These guidelines are specific to each tournament.

6. Paid Trainers

Area 10D fully supports the AYSO National Policy Statements, including Article 2.5 AYSO Activities – Paying AYSO Volunteers.  The basic premise of the article states:


AYSO is a volunteer organization and does not condone or approve of the use of paid volunteers such as trainers or coaches.  The use of such personnel is contrary to the basic philosophy of AYSO.


In addition, any training conducted within Area 10D must meet the following conditions:


  1. It must be sponsored by Area 10D or a Region within the Area.
  1. The training must be conducted at an insured facility.
  1. The training must be open to all players, coaches, or volunteers within the Area or Region.
  1. The training must be communicated to all the members of the Area or Region through newsletters, parent, coach, referee, or volunteer meetings.
  1. The trainers must be certified through AYSO’s Safe Haven program.
  1. All fees for training must be collected by the Area or sponsoring Region.
  1. All payments to trainers must be paid by the Area or sponsoring Region.


Any volunteer or coach who violates this policy will be prohibited from participating in Area Tournaments.

7. Sponsors

The Area encourages local businesses and individuals to support its programs.  Suitable recognition shall be given to them.  In addition, the Area strongly encourages the Regions to support AYSO National sponsors in whatever manner possible, and conflicts with these sponsors should to be avoided.  Contributions are strongly encouraged to be made to the Regions rather than to the Area.  All such contributions are considered charitable contributions and are deductible for U.S. tax purposes, subject to the applicable limitations in the Internal Revenue Code.



1) Budget Financial Statement

The Area Board shall adopt an annual budget that shall provide for setting Area fees.  (See Article 7, Paragraph 1).  At the end of each season, the Area Board shall cause to be prepared a statement of income received and amounts expended in connection with the program.  The Area Board and staff shall make such statement available for review, and a copy shall be made available upon reasonable request.

2) Account Signatories

All checks drawn on the Area’s bank account shall bear two signatures; one of which must be either the Area Treasurer or the Area Director.  Two signatories from the same household or those with common business ownership shall not be allowed.  There must be at least three signatories on the Area bank account.

3) Immediate Accounting to Area Treasurer

The Area Treasurer, in cooperation with other Area Board and staff members, shall establish internal control procedures to safeguard against the misuse or loss of Area assets, especially in regard to the immediate accounting to the Area Treasurer for monies received, checks written upon the Area bank account, invoices received for accounts payable by the Area, and requests for reimbursement to Area volunteers for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on behalf of the Area.  Such internal control procedures shall include the following:

· No one should sign an Area check in blank or which contains any item to be filled-in later.

· No one should sign an Area check without verifying the expense by examining the invoice or request for reimbursement.

· No request for reimbursement to Area volunteers shall be honored without a written request signed by such volunteer, itemizing the out-of-pocket expenses incurred, and with supporting receipts or other documentation attached.

· All bills and invoices received for payment by the Area must be forwarded to the Area Treasurer for payment, if not already paid, within five days of receipt.

· The Area Treasurer must be notified of any checks written on the Area bank account without his or her knowledge within 48 hours of the issuance or delivery of such check for payment of any Area expense.

· All bank withdrawal transactions and Area checks shall be noted with the appropriate National Accounting Program (NAP) code denoting the purpose for such transaction.

4) Monthly Bank Account Reconciliation

The Area Treasurer shall reconcile the Area bank account monthly.  Another Board Member, who is not authorized to sign on the account, shall verify this reconciliation.



1. General

It is the policy of the Area to resolve all disputes involving persons involved in Area in an amicable way.  Compromise should be emphasized whenever possible and personality conflicts should be avoided.  If disciplinary action is found to be necessary, it is the Area’s policy to take only the minimum action necessary.  All means available should be taken to avoid legal action.

a. It is the policy of the Area to avoid punishing the players for the conduct of the parents, except where there is no other solution (e.g., where a parent cannot or will not cease their disruptive behavior).

b. It is the policy of the Area to avoid wiping out years of good memories of AYSO and good service to AYSO, and that suspension or removal procedures are to be used only as a last resort.  Voluntary resignation is preferable to a suspension or removal procedure.

c. It is the policy of the Area to avoid publicizing the suspension or removal proceedings beyond those persons who need to know, and to respect the privacy of the individuals involved.  However, the Area Director should notify the Section Director, National Support and Training Center, or members of the AYSO Legal Commission of the pending proceedings pursuant to the operating regulations, and must comply with all applicable regulations and laws requiring suspension, abuse, and similar events.


2. General Due Process Procedures

a. Disputes involving day-to-day activities of the Regions should first be addressed and resolved, if possible, by the appropriate Region Commissioner in charge of the activity and/or then by the Area Director, if necessary.  Disputes arising out of Area game conduct should first be addressed and resolved, if possible, by the Area Administrator and/or then by a disinterested Review Board appointed by the Area Director and/or then by the Section Director, if necessary.

b. If it is determined that it is necessary that a person involved needs to be disciplined, or that their participation in the Area should be limited or terminated, then the Area Director or designee shall give notice, in writing, to such person of such intention.  Such notice shall specify the action to be taken and the reasons therefore.  Such notices shall further notify such person that he or she, upon request, will be given a reasonable opportunity to explain why such action should not be taken.  Such opportunity to respond may be in person at a hearing, by telephone, or in writing.  The Area Director may appoint a disinterested Committee of neutral persons to consider such discipline.  After such opportunity to respond has been given, the Area Director or Committee shall make its determination and announce it in writing to all persons concerned.

3. Suspension

a. The Area Director may suspend a person involved in the Area from further involvement in the program on notice (by telephone, fax, writing, or in person), if there is found to be an imminent danger to the program by his or her continued involvement, or if such participant has allegedly committed crime.  A disciplinary hearing described in paragraph 2, above must follow such a suspension.  A suspension is considered temporary in nature, and such suspension may be removed or set aside by a simple majority vote of the Area Board at any time.

4. Removal

a. The Area Director may remove a person (whether or not suspended); who is involved in the Area, including a Board or staff member, from further involvement in the program.  Such removal may only be made upon prior notice, and after a determination is made, that removal is appropriate, as the result of a disciplinary hearing described in paragraph 2, above.  Such removal is only permitted when there is found to be: (a) a violation of the National Bylaws or of the rules, regulations, policies or philosophies of AYSO, or (b) conduct which disrupts the Area’s or AYSO’s activities or programs.

5. Hearing Procedures

a. The disciplinary hearing shall be held at a neutral location.  The hearing procedures shall be communicated to and understood by all parties before the commencement of such hearing.  All interested parties are to be informed of the date, time, and location of such hearing.

b. At the hearing, the Committee shall listen to the facts of the situation from all interested parties, and then adjourn to a private session, where the decision will be reached.  Under no circumstances shall the Committee deliberate in the presence of the parties involved in the dispute.  The Committee will then decide the issues raised pursuant to AYSO operating regulations and these Area guidelines.  The decision will be based on the evidence submitted.  The committee will vote, and by a simple majority, determine the appropriate action, including whether no action should be taken against the individual accused, or whether such person should be given a warning or caution, or whether such person should be given a written reprimand, or whether such person should be suspended or removed from involvement in Area activities.  All interested parties shall be promptly notified of such decision after, in the case of removal, and where deemed appropriate, such individual is given an opportunity to resign voluntarily.

6. Review

a. Any determination made in accordance with this Article shall be final and binding on all concerned unless it is determined by the Section Director, that such determination was arbitrary and capricious, or that the procedure was not fair, or that the person or persons making such determination are found not to have been disinterested.  Any interested party dissatisfied with the final decision or final action taken by the Area Director may request a review of such decision by the Section Director, as may be appropriate, pursuant to the operating regulations relating to dispute resolution and due process.



1. Approval of Guidelines

These Guidelines shall become effective after being approved by the Area Director, the existing Area Board, the Area executive membership, and then submitted to the Section Director and the National Board of Directors.

2. Changes in Guidelines

Once adopted, these Guidelines may only be amended by the Area Board, the Area executive membership, and then submitted to the Section Director and the National Board of Directors for final approval.

Updated: 12/27/2013