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Area 10D - High Desert Communities

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Chuck McKaughan, Area Coach Administrator

Excerpt from an email from Tom Idiaquez, Section Coach Administrator:

Please note this will be added to the Description for Coaches.
It would be something that we should pass out to all coaches.
Thank you,


Coach Position Description Update.  The following statement has been approved by John Ouellette, National Coach, and it will be added to all coach position descriptions.

Once the head coach has assumed charge of the children on his or her team, he or she remains responsible until a duly designated adult has taken charge of each child after practice or a game or the child leaves the immediate vicinity of the practice or game as prearranged by the parent to walk home or to a friendís or relativeís house. No child shall be left unsupervised after a game or practice. Parents who are unreasonably late or consistently tardy should be reported to the child protection advocate for action. Each coach may establish a standing policy of where children may be picked up by late parents.


Updated: 7/31/2006