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Section 10

Area 10D - High Desert Communities

The AYSO National Coaching Education program is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education.  

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Region 91 Lancaster

Region 393 Palmdale

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  Region 867   Lake Los Angeles

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Region 1421 Helendale


Area 10D is launching the Section 10 Challenge Program.
We will be somewhat unique because we will have teams from
both the west and east sides of the Area, which will play in
different Coast Soccer League circuits

The Section 10 Challenge Program may be found here.

The link to the Section 10 Program is here.

A brief overview presentation of the Challenge program may be found here.

AYSO Challenge is a quality club soccer program from one of the most trusted names in youth sports with 50+ years of providing World Class Youth Soccer Programs. We're excited to provide a low-cost, high-quality option for the youth of the Antelope Valley. No need to write those big checks for a fancy club name. AYSO is where most youth began playing soccer, now they can continue playing soccer for the organization they came to love!

What is AYSO Challenge?

AYSO Area 10D is proud to offer Club Soccer for accomplished AYSO players who want to play at a higher level in the top club soccer league in Southern California while enjoying the benefits of the AYSO Philosophies and the family-friendly environment of AYSO.

AYSO Areal 10D is working with all of its ten Regions so that together we can offer youth soccer players a very affordable opportunity to further develop their soccer skills in a competitive club soccer environment. AYSO Challenge is open to ALL youth soccer players in the Antelope and Victor Valleys, regardless of where they currently play soccer. Tryouts are open to the public.

The facts about CHALLENGE:

  • Our players play at least 50 percent of every game — GUARANTEED!
  • We play in the Coast Soccer League, the premier CLUB league in the Southland, against top club teams.
  • Less than $500* for the Fall season, includes AYSO registration, CalSouth registration, uniforms, Coast Soccer League season, Estimated referee fees, Coast Soccer “League Cup” and State Cup and more!
  • There are NO HIDDEN fees OR MONTHY trainer fees!
  • Our coaches have advanced licenses by Cal South, the governing body of club soccer, AND from AYSO.
  • Our coaches are VOLUNTEERS. They are here for the kids, and are not motivated by training fees and huge rosters.
  • Our rosters are limited in size to ensure quality playing time NOT bench time!
  • Playing Challenge means you play on local fields, convenient for your family and friends.
  • We are a non-profit, community-based organization. You are OUR FAMILY!!!
  • These are the facts. Don’t let anybody tell you anything different!

Here are questions other Clubs DON’T want to answer:

  • Ask them how much playing time they can guarantee.
  • Ask them how much extra you will pay outside of the registration fee which is often THREE times MORE than Challenge!
  • Ask them why more top players are coming to play on CHALLENGE teams.

*Cost is estimated. Final AYSO Challenge club player fees to be determined by March/April.

AYSO Area 10D Coach Application

Cal-South/USSF Education Course Look Up

Updated: 2/9/2016